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Current and Upcoming Research

The Human Performance Lab at the NC Research Campus, operated by Appalachian State University, currently has multiple human trials underway. Researchers are predominantly looking at how inflammation and oxidative stress affect the body. Recovery and fighting off soreness and sickness in athletes and keeping the general community healthy by fighting off sickness and disease are forefront in immunonutrition research.

Upcoming Research:

  • Heart Rate Monitor Validation Athlete Study, August 2014

Current Research:

  • Fruit Ingestion and Cycling Performance July-August 2014
  • Omega 3 and 7 Community Trial, April-July 2014



Recent Research:

  • AHCC Communitiy Trial- May 2014
  • Echinacea Community Trial
  • Joint Supplement Community Trial
  • "Salt water beverage with special molecules" Community Trial
  • "Salt water beverage with special molecules" Performance Running Study
  • Vitamin D Supplementation Study with NASCAR Pit Crews- December 2012-January 2013
  • Vitamin D Pharmacokinetics Study- October-November 2012
  • Rhodiola Rosea Marathon Study- October-November 2012
  • IgY Athlete Study (Runners and Cyclists)
  • Mila Cycling Study
  • Asea-PK Study
  • Nutrasorb Running Study
  • Dole Juice Blend Cycling Study
  • Vitamin D Study with High School athletes- Does Vitamin D assist with muscle recovery and muscle function?
  • BioMotor STEM Project with Middle School kids for development of adolescent fitness norms
  • AL Brown (Kannapolis City Schools) Fitness Testing of High School Kids for development of adolescent fitness norms         
  • Bioavailability of Chia Seed vs Chia Seed Oil in Healthy Females
  • Watermelon vs Gatorade in Male Cyclists
  • Acute Changes in Arterial Fitness Following 2-Hour Run
  • Influence of Bananas in the Diet to reduce Heart Disease Risk Factors
  • Black Pepper Metabolic Chamber Study
  • Dole Polyphenol Juice Blend Study
  • ASEA Lactate Threshold Cycling Study
  • ASEA Cycling Study for Male Cyclists
  • McCormick Science Institute for Overweight Females
  • Chia Seed Study for Overweight Females 
  • Chia Seed Study for Male Cyclists
  • Banana vs Gatorade in Male Cyclists
  • Q-Force Supplement for Marathon Runners
  • Q-Force Supplement for Overweight Female