Internship Opportunities

Objectives for Interns 2015-2016

1. At the ASU-NCRC-HPL, interns will assist in ongoing research projects (and interns can focus on one or all of the
             a. Human studies (novel nutritional supplements as countermeasures to exercise-induced immune dysfunction)
             b. Work in the exercise biochemistry lab and learn how to conduct assays.

2. Interns have the option of assisting in the community fitness testing program.
            a. Body composition (Bod Pod and BIA)
            b. Anaerobic power tests (Wingate)
            c. Treadmill/cycle ergometer VO2max testing
            d. Muscular strength (leg/back dynamometer)

If you are interested in an internship in the Biochemistry Lab or Human Performance Lab with Appalachian State University at the NCRC, please send your resume and a letter outlining your goals and what you hope to learn to
asu-ncrc [at] appstate [dot] edu.