Community Adult Fitness Testing Program

The Human Performance Lab operated by Appalachian State University at the North Carolina Research Campus provides high quality physical fitness tests to measure your aerobic fitness (heart-lung function), resting metabolic rate (calories you burn per day at rest), body composition (body fat percent), muscular fitness (strength), anaerobic power (short-term power), and anaerobic threshold testing for groups and individuals. These tests are being offered at the low cost designated below as a service to the community in the Kannapolis-Charlotte area (and beyond). To sign up (or to receive answers to questions) send an e-mail message to:ASU-NCRC [at] appstate [dot] edu or call 704-250-5353.

Services offered:

We can do the entire Physical Fitness Test Battery at the cost of $125 per person. This battery includes:

  1. AerobicPowerTest: Treadmill-VO2max test, with speed and grade, increased until exhaustion. Oxygen consumption and ventilation measurement with a research-level metabolic cart. $80
  2. Anaerobic Power Test: 30-second Wingate cycle ergometer test. Cycle as hard as possible, with continuous measurement of anaerobic power. $40
  3. Body Composition and Estimated Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR): Assessment of percent body fat and calories burned at rest through the Bod Pod and Seca mBCA (research-level analysis of lean body mass, fat mass, and RMR). $40
  4. Muscular Strength: Leg-back strength, measured with a research dynamometer. $15

In addition to the specific test, we include counseling sessions where a trained counselor will interpret your results at the end of your testing (comes with all assessments).



Find out the truth about your aerobic endurance, power, body fat percent, and strength. A trained counselor will help you understand the test results and what you need to do to lose weight (if needed) and improve aerobic and muscular fitness.

Attached is a flyer that provides additional information.

Adult Fitness Testing Program Flyer (PDF)