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The Angiotensin Type 1 Receptor Antagonist Losartan Prevents Ovariectomy-Induced Cognitive Dysfunction and Anxiety-Like Behavior in Long Evans Rats
Oct 21, 2019

Women who have bilateral oophorectomies prior to the age of natural menopause are at increased risk of developing mild cognitive decline, dementia, anxiety, and depressive type disorders.

Cardio-Renal Physiology Laboratory

Renal T cell infiltration occurs despite attenuation of development of hypertension with hydralazine in Envigo's female Dahl rat maintained on a low-Na + diet
Jun 26, 2019

Many studies have suggested that renal T cell infiltration contributes to the pathogenesis of salt-sensitive hypertension.

Cardio-Renal Physiology Laboratory, Research

Renal redox response to normal pregnancy in the rat
Jan 2, 2014

Normal pregnancy involves increased renal sodium reabsorption, metabolism, and oxygen consumption, which can cause increased oxidative stress (OS... Cardio-Renal Physiology Laboratory, Research

Chronic vasodilation increases renal medullary PDE5A and α-ENaC through independent renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system pathways
Sep 25, 2013

We have previously observed that many of the renal and hemodynamic adaptations seen in normal pregnancy can be induced in virgin female rats by... Cardio-Renal Physiology Laboratory, Research

Voluntary participation in an active learning exercise leads to a better understanding of physiology
Mar 2, 2011

Students learn best when they are focused and thinking about the subject at hand.

Cardio-Renal Physiology Laboratory, Research

Increased renal alpha-epithelial sodium channel (ENAC) protein and increased ENAC activity in normal pregnancy
Aug 4, 2010

Pregnancy-mediated sodium (Na) retention is required to provide an increase in plasma volume for the growing fetus.

Cardio-Renal Physiology Laboratory, Research