Human Performance Laboratory


The mission of the App State NCRC Human Performance Laboratory is to investigate unique nutritional products as countermeasures to exercise- and obesity-induced immune dysfunction, inflammation, illness and oxidative stress.

Research Focus

The Human Performance Laboratory is a national leader in the area of nutrition and exercise immunology. 

Research Facilities

Appalachian State University operates a Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) and Exercise Biochemistry Laboratory, located in the NC State Building at NCRC.


The Human Performance Lab at the NC Research Campus, operated by Appalachian State University, currently has multiple human trials underway. Researchers are predominantly looking at how inflammation and oxidative stress affect the body. Recovery and fighting off soreness and sickness in athletes and keeping the general community healthy by fighting off sickness and disease are forefront in immuno-nutrition research.

Community Fitness Testing Program

The Human Performance Lab operated by Appalachian State University at the North Carolina Research Campus provides high quality physical fitness tests.


HP Lab

Located in Room 1201 of the Plants for Human Health Institute building at 600 Laureate Way on the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis, North Carolina. (Image depicting the location on the campus).


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