Community Fitness Testing Program


The Human Performance Lab operated by Appalachian State University at the North Carolina Research Campus provides high-quality physical fitness tests for groups and individuals to measure the following:

  • aerobic fitness (heart-lung function)
  • resting metabolic rate (calories you burn per day at rest)
  • body composition (body fat percent)
  • muscular fitness (strength)
  • anaerobic power (short-term power)
  • anaerobic threshold testing

These tests are being offered at the low cost designated below as a service to the community in the Kannapolis-Charlotte area (and beyond). To sign up (or to receive answers to questions) send an e-mail to: or call 704-250-5353.

Services offered

We can do the entire Physical Fitness Test Battery at the cost of $125 per person. This battery includes:

  1. Aerobic Power Test: Treadmill-VO2max test, with speed and grade, increased until exhaustion. Oxygen consumption and ventilation measurement with a research-level metabolic cart. $80
  2. Anaerobic Power Test: 30-second Wingate cycle ergometer test. Cycle as hard as possible, with continuous measurement of anaerobic power. $40
  3. Body Composition and Estimated Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR): Assessment of percent body fat and calories burned at rest through the Bod Pod and Seca mBCA (research-level analysis of lean body mass, fat mass, and RMR). $40
  4. Muscular Strength: Leg-back strength, measured with a research dynamometer. $15
  5. Resting Metabolic Rate: a quick, non-invasive test that accurately measures how many calories you burn at rest. $40

In addition to the specific test, we include counseling sessions where a trained counselor will interpret your results at the end of your testing (comes with all assessments).

Find out the truth about your aerobic endurance, power, body fat percent, and strength. A trained counselor will help you understand the test results and improve aerobic and muscular fitness.

More information

Download the Fitness Testing Program Flyer (PDF, 255.24KB)