Salt-sensitive (Rapp) rats from Envigo spontaneously develop accelerated hypertension independent of ovariectomy on a low-sodium diet
Jul 19, 2018

Inbred salt-sensitive (SS) rats developed by John Rapp and distributed by Harlan (SS/JrHsd) were shown to model ovariectomy-induced hypertension... Cardio-Renal Physiology Laboratory, Research

Role of the Renin Angiotensin System in Blood Pressure Allostasis-induced by Severe Food Restriction in Female Fischer rats
Jul 9, 2018

Severe food restriction (FR) is associated with blood pressure (BP) and cardiovascular dysfunction.

Cardio-Renal Physiology Laboratory, Research

Bananas vs. Sports Drinks? Bananas Win in Study
Apr 4, 2018

A banana might reasonably replace sports drinks for those of us who rely on carbohydrates to fuel exercise and speed recovery, according to a new... Human Performance Laboratory, Research

The Banana Has What It Takes To Defeat Gatorade
Apr 2, 2018

Midway through her first-round match at the Australian Open this year, world No.

Human Performance Laboratory, Research

New research says bananas may be just as effective as ibuprofen for inflammation
Apr 1, 2018

When it comes to athletes, performance drinks like Gatorade, and taking ibuprofen seem to go hand in hand. And they have for decades.

Human Performance Laboratory, Research

Boost Metabolism and Prevent Middle-Age Weight Gain
Feb 28, 2018

You diet more than ever, but don't weigh less. Exercise regularly, but still feel flabby.

Human Performance Laboratory, Research